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When most builders undertake a project - whether it is new construction or remodeling - the chain of communication is lengthy and prone to misunderstandings, costly errors and repetition.

What we don't want

The client meets with a sales consultant, who relays the information to an architect, who talks with a general contractor, who works with an estimator, who gets back to the sales consultant, who meets again with the client, and the client asks for changes based on the information provided. Then the process starts all over again. 

DrawBuild.com does it differently. We only take on projects that we are confident in handling effectively and well. Bernardo Velha, personally oversees every project from start to finish, eliminating any miscommunication.

We offer:

Singular Responsibility

Both design and construction in the hands of a single entity and point of contact.


The singularized responsibility inherent in design-build serves as a motivation for quality and proper project performance.

Cost Savings

By having design and construction personnel working and communicating as the same team, you will save significantly.

Time Savings

Since design and construction are overlapped, bidding periods and redesign are eliminated. Thus total time for design and construction is significantly reduced.

Reduced Administrative Burden

During procurement as well as actual design and construction, the Owner is not required to invest time and money coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts.

Early Knowledge of Firm Costs

Guaranteed construction costs are known far earlier than in other delivery systems.

Improved Risk Management

Change orders due to "errors and omissions" are substantially reduced.

By knowledgeably pursuing design quality, and by effectively controlling costs and schedule, DrawBuild.com makes certain that concept-to-completion is more than a promise. It is a reality!

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